Welcome to Cinnamon Notebook, a blog full of love for baking.


My name is Julia. I am nineteen years old and a student in Sydney, where I moved about a year ago. I grew up in Amsterdam, but decided to do my degree somewhere else. So here I am, in Sydney. I am studying Design (just started my second year) and have a passion for Graphic Design so I hope to get into that field later on. But studying can be quite stressful (especially if you know me haha), so I like to bake things from time to time to relax. Muffins, cakes, pies, tarts, macaroons, and lots more! I am always changing the recipes I use, so I would like to have a way of remembering my changes. And besides that, having a way to share my love for baking and my recipes so that you can enjoy these bakes as well! I often aim for a bit healthier options, but that doesn’t mean that they should taste horrible (or that I won’t make ‘not-so-healthy-things’ every now and then). I am also a vegetarian, just so you know, not that it influences baking much. Photography is another thing I enjoy doing, so I figured by doing a blog I can experiment a bit with that as well!


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